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funeral I did not see little Emily in that interval, but they told me

world was to be firm at all, for everybody was to be bent to his

‘I make him wince, and smart I say to myself, “I’ll conquer that

an ill-conditioned mind, and an injurious tongue His main use of

dull Over a door in this wall was a board with SALEM HOUSE

looking after him with their heads cocked slyly, as if they knew

gentlemen’s wardrobes were bought, and that the best price was

dropped—as a man frequently does on these occasions—and from

attention to J as being beautifully sleek D fondled J Associations

became conscious next day! My horror of having committed a

The professional business of Mr Waterbrook’s establishment

gammon—when I thought her, for one moment, in a storm of rage;

Charles Dickens ElecBook Classics

‘Indeed he does, and you know how truly; I know how ardent

intolerable manner, that my aunt, who had sat looking straight at

surname, Peggotty; occupation, seafaring; also of this town She is

growing season ‘Here Miss Spenlow walks by herself,’ I thought

‘Hem! Really, my dear,’ interposed Mr Micawber

‘The Russian Prince is a client of yours, is he?’ said Steerforth

‘By Uriah,’ said Agnes

opened Mr Barkis’s mind to an amazing extent I told him all I

Pull the lip with a smile, seems to laugh very happy, but in the people's eyes, but is evil smile was almost broken, bile.

‘Tush!’ he answered, turning red ‘The less said, the better’

out of temper (she was infirm that way), move her hand towards

expression in his face







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