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‘Oh, Davy!’ remonstrated my mother

I lied to you when a hot hot out from the eyes, he spoke to more difficult.

David Copperfield

‘Just so,’ said Mrs Micawber ‘To be on the spot But, the truth

unhappy without me? If he would, I honour and respect him so

which, in those days, had a door opening into the Commons, just

then The raging agonies I suffer on the night of the Race Ball,

part of Highgate where Mrs Steerforth lived, but quite on the

otherwise than lightly and playfully, that we must work to live

Doctors’ Commons was approached by a little low archway

cottage very near the one I looked at, when my enthusiasm first

then, for the first time, that the boots he had on were a good deal

fashioned, time-forgotten, sleepy-headed little family-party in all

another moment, I don’t know where the wall is, or where I am, or

and I didn’t read it’

not the reason that I might have found if I had been older No such

intensely It made me very uncomfortable to have him for a guest,

‘I am glad of that, at least,’ said I

said Mr Creakle ‘What’s the report of this boy?’

in the attempt to write what she felt on the subject of my journey

‘But I haven’t got any strength at all,’ said Dora, shaking her

and, while my mouth was yet open to receive the spoon, she would

speak to Master Davy?’

white cravat, but he was very affable and good-humoured; and he

for I was young then, and unused to disguise what I so strongly

‘What says our aunt on the subject?’ inquired Steerforth,

laying his irresolute hand upon the Doctor’s arm, ‘don’t attach too

The little picture was so instantaneously dissolved by our going

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