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little while, the Murdstone and Grinby life became so strange to

Oh, my lungs and liver, what do you want? Oh, goroo, goroo!’

confess, but in a speech of Rosa Dartle’s

day after day, from week to week, and term to term I went there,

gone away from my adopted sister—’

which I have never entertained a more determined purpose in my

‘Now, David,’ he said—and I saw that cast again as he said it—

concluded, he began to laugh—fretfully at first, but soon with

days in a luxury of wretchedness, torturing myself by putting

third evening of our visit, and by Mrs Gummidge’s looking up at

were married, and were going away anywhere to live among the

passion within her; which found imperfect utterance in the low

thing The proverb says, “You can’t make a silk purse out of a

expected! But, one way and another, so many things happen to me

Peggotty was not slow to respond, and ratify the treaty of

David Copperfield

old boy,’ he added, ‘I shall make quite a town-house of this place,

after this baleful object presented itself to my view I was very

upstairs to Agnes, and to talk with her in a corner, and to

I shook my head

mama, and I use the word almost unconsciously What I mean to

you mean to say, child, that any human being has gone into a

A plan had occurred to me for passing the night, which I was





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