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my success I have been very fortunate in worldly matters; many

Then I playfully tried verbal instruction in domestic matters, as

see the coach start

interposed between him and me, since he had come into his new

glowing with health and pleasure

step abandoned name and reputation, peace and quiet, house and

natural, too

Their report was, that Mr Barkis was ‘as bad as bad could be’;

belief is (’twixt ourselves) as it has cut him deep’

David Copperfield

to do; how I could come to no other conclusion than that the best

The professional business of Mr Waterbrook’s establishment

myself, I—I have remembered myself, sir I—I—could wish you

‘This is a dreadful calamity, Mr Copperfield,’ said he, as I

David Copperfield

unhappiness I have occasioned, as submissively as I can It is she

and done by that magnificent animal, and the wonderful effects he

same trees as the shining oak floor, and the great beams in the

‘All of a shiver,’ said Mr Dick, counterfeiting that affection and

could, to endeavour to get some command of himself He replied,

his hat, and generally seemed to be expounding to her as they

wholly unacquainted

and always roused him with a question or caress Then he came


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