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sorrowfully the pen is laid down at the close of a two-years’

He had been so hearty with him, and with them all, that I felt a

Creakle, who was prowling about the passage, and handsomely

oyster-shell From the circumstance of the latter article having

that there are some members of our family who want a friend You

oppressed by the tremendous interests involved in the

old as the hills, were as pure as any snow that ever fell upon the

Agnes—my sweet sister, as I call her in my thoughts, my

David Copperfield

dog, I’ll know no more of you’

‘Ah, but you mean here, at your own home?’

it—so is Dick I should like some people that I know to hear Dick’s

at Murdstone and Grinby’s

to have a propensity to throw any little trifles they were not in

so, I have no doubt

where he had sat, and mechanically going through the action of

made a double wound, by reason of the circumstances attending

would sing it I have looked, a little shrinking creature, at that

comes out of his chair, takes the book, throws it at me or boxes my


subject of such a wish I told my aunt that indeed she was

beef shop, which resembled marble, but was labelled ‘Mock


cupboard: and there were the usual articles of furniture I don’t

in the house; and that when she would have turned the cover


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