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happy admixture of the agricultural and the clerical), in immediate

A blank, through which the warriors of poetry and history

his fellow man, on the strength of this virtuous action, that his

lived at home with her papa and mama Mr Micawber told us, that

night, when our little parlour was warm and bright with fire and

a’most in them words, “Em’ly, Em’ly, for Christ’s sake, have a

Tiffey to make out Peggotty’s bill of costs

short,’ said Mr Micawber, in another burst of confidence, ‘that you

friendly notice or advance

gait and carriage, amply sufficient to account for the effect she had

his hand there ‘Perhaps you won’t be able to help it Isn’t this

face I had never seen without a feeling of serenity and happiness,

roadside inns of argument on the journey Altogether, I have

‘Uriah Heep,’ said Mr Wickfield, in a monotonous forced way,

Charles Dickens ElecBook Classics

full-sized woman,’ said the little creature, touching me appealingly


large head

ashamed of myself

‘It is just the same,’ said Agnes, smiling ‘I am glad you think of

So have you, Trot, in some things, though I can’t compliment you

of a clerk,’ returned Traddles ‘Three others and myself unite to

husband—do I follow you?’ said Mr Wickfield

‘Ever yours,

some endorsed as Allegations, and some (to my surprise) as Libels,

Janet to fetch the constables and justices, that he might be taken,

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