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and felt that I was quite the patron of my two respectful

fact which will be long remembered as remarkable down there,

the street; being anxious (he explained to me) to say a few words

Em’ly had but newly risen from the chair, and that the forlorn

I got, that Sunday, through three-and-twenty miles on the

vacancy here Miss Trotwood was good enough to mention that

which made Mrs Crupp very uncomfortable), that I was

‘Mr and Mrs Micawber!’ I repeated ‘Why, I am intimately

I wondered how I could have thought she looked white, or

of the peacock’s feathers to the sound of the flute, what

We had almost finished dinner, when taking a step or two

they went slowly out of the room together, Uriah looking after

certainty I blush to think of the more especially, as in my juvenile

Charles Dickens ElecBook Classics

while, then sent it back to Mrs Heep, and so they went on tossing

always to comprehend at least one letter on each side every day!

David Copperfield

‘No,’ said Steerforth, before I could reply ‘Nothing of the sort

everybody But since we have got so far, I ought to take the liberty

where you won’t go in a hurry—because you had not done wrong

into the room She was sitting by the fire, suckling an infant,

David Copperfield

spoke to any of the many boys whom I saw daily in going to the

done We had heard nothing of him since he went away, that

performances, before the coach came They took some time (not so

said Mr Gulpidge, checking himself—

over his hand like water, ‘here’s another orphan, you see, sir And

David Copperfield

for it, Steerforth, twenty times the more!’


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