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leading the chorus of

see I did When you talk of Mr Murdstone’s good intentions, and

forenoon This I addressed to Highgate—for in that place, so

Murdstone is the point now, Peggotty, and you sha’n’t escape from

‘Ah!’ said Mr Barkis, with a nod of his head

pleasure of a journey with you, Daisy), to see that sort of people

me I do not doubt that she had a choice pleasure in exhibiting

yourself, always control yourself! Davy boy, how do you do?’

Oh, Master Copperfield, with what a pure affection do I love the

almost directly, and is to be an advocate, and to wear a wig I am

character of faded gentility that attached to the house I sought,

‘The “Little Em’ly”’

talks! Don’t I know she wouldn’t? She would have lived with her

there behind four horses: well educated, well dressed, and with

‘My love!’ said I, ‘what nonsense!’

and more etherealized in my eyes every day, and about whom a

is such an extraordinarily dear girl herself, that it’s possible she

behind the green fan, which was mounted on a kind of swivel, and

children ever, rambling hand in hand through sunshine and

market-place, deliberating upon wandering towards those other

Mr Micawber slightly bowed to me, and pulled up his shirt-

high above the ground floor—Traddles was on the landing to meet

David Copperfield

distraction The changes that were rung upon dots, which in such

Indeed, I think that most grown men who are remarkable in this

Lincoln’s Inn Fields, where I found my aunt up, and waiting

Mrs Steerforth appeared to me to regret having been a little

we sit of an evening, my mother and I and Peggotty—for Peggotty


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