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the letter bore date on the previous night:


‘Oh no, Master Copperfield,’ returned Uriah, shaking his head,

natural to me to say:

‘You may be aware, my dear Mr Copperfield, that between

them He’s never been heerd fur to complain But my sister’s

‘Mr Copperfield and myself,’ said Miss Murdstone, with severe

silent under his words, if I had had less difficulty in impressing

He has too much personnel to take into account, and relative, it must be taken away.

Charles Dickens ElecBook Classics

I ceased to draw back, and we went straight to the best parlour,

work—give your boy an exercise’; which caused me to be clapped

Charles Dickens ElecBook Classics

Mr Micawber was so deeply affected by this proof of her

sort, you are an impudent beggar You are always a beggar, you

It was in vain for me to say that no consideration was necessary

unchanged love is with my darling child, and I forgive her!”’

contracted would be lost upon the guests, and where her retiring

he was not married at all Which the Court confirmed, to his great

and evenings, and can think it worth seventy pounds a year, you

putting Mr Copperfield into a little loft over a stable?’

into the water—I hardly know enough of the race at this moment

never believed it possible that any natural or improved ability can


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