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be one I will be a friend to you, in spite of you So now you know

him and me He was, for the most part, gay and cheerful with us;

not gone today, fearing to lose the chance of being of any service to

‘For the bill that is to be a certain investment?’ I inquired

him some offence But he greatly relieved my mind by putting a

Mr Micawber, who had been helping us all, out of the wash-

was—in consequence of Crab; and after being drugged with black

astonishingly clever’

Yu Huan's door was open, no blame into silent, not inside the candle, I can't see a thing, he can go to accurately master side.

roofed in, and there were little windows in it; but the wonderful

David Copperfield

I saw you kiss her, you have broken her innocence, also want to deny it

myself and for your friend Traddles, in whom I have an unaffected

recollect a scheme of telling fortunes with the dirty cards, and was

‘That’s a good fellow! My dear Daisy,’ said Steerforth, laughing

‘Is it my doing?’ I returned

her from this disgrace, and she shall never be disgraced by us Not

a ridiculous creature to be You want to keep the keys yourself,

ends of his neckerchief at his breast: ‘I thankee, sir, I thankee! I do

entry where you could see hardly anything, a little stone-blind

can with us! Who knows when we may meet again, else? Come!

death-blow of my peace, and a grievous daily drudgery and


Mr Dick, passing his hand among his grey hair, and casting


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