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there being not a pair of working hands on all that shore but

her tender heart were broken

one would think, and not envy me a little peace of mind and

spoken of in the town, and rarely did any disgrace, by our

into the water—I hardly know enough of the race at this moment

both, and weeping, exclaimed, ‘O yes, aunts! Please take Julia


with an ordinary-sized nightcap, when I awoke; or I should rather

him, but the box was there; and the last words he had uttered

‘When I explained my altered position to you, sir,’ I began

papa was too partial, I well know; but that he was an observer of

David Copperfield


course of nature, be increased by the sum of one more helpless

down a little while She said no more, except, ‘My dear child,

Whispers reach me of Miss Shepherd having said she wished I

his fellow man, on the strength of this virtuous action, that his

virtues of that preparation to one of the little brushes, began

‘Had they run away?’

looked intently at me, holding up her child

with a retreating top which opened, let down, and became a desk,

suppressing the Benjamin, in case he should not find himself as

tell my story to my aunt, Miss Betsey I have already observed that

life, or I am mistaken

‘Dear me!’ said Mr Omer ‘Yes, to be sure Two parties! Why, in

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