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address of a reply, which, although they betrayed the intervention

take such a mad step You must prevent it, Agnes, while there’s

therefore assented After a little further conversation, we went

‘And what do you mean to do, Peggotty,’ says I, wistfully ‘Do

and seals, which Mr Barkis had worn on his wedding-day, and

Again, as my aunt looked quite convinced, I endeavoured to

have been more kind, sir, more just, sir It would have saved me

rather think that neither the blow, nor the allusion, would have


‘I thought it might be agreeable, my dear,’ said Mr Omer ‘But

so! Mad himself, no doubt’

his anxious thoughts of me have shadowed his life, and weakened

Mr Micawber coughed, and drank his punch with an air of

‘On—common,’ said Mr Peggotty

than reply I had struck him hard enough to give him the

the bath!’

‘To the hangman,’ I returned ‘The most unlikely person I could

very ridiculous, but I know I was resolute

my might and main The inconsistency and recklessness of

David Copperfield

wished him well in every relation of life I am persuaded, not only

‘It has no reference to her health, sir,’ I replied ‘She has met

hand Mr Wickfield held it for a little while in his, with his head

he continued, raising that part of his countenance, where his red

I construed this remark into an indication of a wish that he

with a solemn feeling, which made Mr Barkis quite a new and

after me, and stopping at my very feet, occasioned me to look up

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