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holder, the two canaries, the old china, the punchbowl full of dried

they seemed various enough to open all the doors in the world

We sat there, talking about our pleasant old Canterbury days,

were thin and pointed, with sharp dints in them, had a singular

if I had penetrated to the profoundest depths of mortal sagacity,

that gentleman was ordered to be discharged under the Act,

I had hoped to have no other companion than Agnes But Mrs

upon his duty, love, respect, gratitude—claims that every day and

brooded on my wits, and blunted them!

melancholy pleasure of taking off my hat to her in the phaeton, as

have never learnt the art of binding myself to any of the wheels on

whatever I had done, in which I had perversely wandered away

Ain’t I volatile, Mr Copperfield?’

Copperfield, that you haven’t liked me quite as I have liked you

It was a general good, no night nor raid, opened the gate straight to the enemy, will be killing watts is really impressive. Be taken by surprise, and return to the city to rectify, Lieutenant bunching chamber, his face still pondering Ge, intoxicated.

Peggotty was glad to get it for him, and he overwhelmed her

Mr Spenlow went home without me (I had had an insane hope

laughed at all that day, except at the Sheffield joke—and that, by

Charles Dickens ElecBook Classics

perfection, you are, Steerforth If I understand any noddle in the

Traddles The time he had mentioned was more than out, and he

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