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replied, with my hat in my hand, and a very red face, I have no

Micawber, in the words of Cato, “Plato, thou reasonest well It’s all

diligence, and began feeling in his pockets; ‘I have a letter for you’

or made uncomfortable I suppose I had better say yes’

muffled him in a towel and shut him up there, whenever my aunt

affected almost to tears I returned thanks, and hoped the present

maid opened it; and of wavering, somehow, across a hall with a

Uriah gradually got opposite to me, and that they respectfully


lowest of it, I believe; but the Bank was at the other end of the

me, but in a snug private apartment, red-curtained and Turkey-

student, for five years’

David Copperfield

Charles Dickens ElecBook Classics

mother dearly; who had held my mother’s dying head upon her

myself, Mr Copperfield, if I were unfettered Mr Jorkins is

Once again, let me pause upon a memorable period of my

luggage, and now the coach itself was wheeled and backed off by

of these remarks, Mrs Markleham cried: ‘Where’s Annie?’

the sisters laugh at it’

getting money, and in getting power, this century or two? No

ashamed of having known that he was not quite in his wits, taking

had not sufficient confidence in his discretion or good luck,

‘Gentlemen of Mr Spenlow’s profession are accustomed to

love with Steerforth; and I am sure, as I sat in the dark, thinking of

‘I’m a going to seek my niece I’m a going to seek my Em’ly I’m

Though there was nothing very airy about Miss Murdstone, she













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