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hand, I ought to have held it up to save her There has been a time

understand Davy?’

coat, and brought out his flute in three pieces, which he screwed

‘He is at home at present,’ said the latter ‘He is not being

nature of Traddles from being imposed upon, to the detriment of

Charles Dickens ElecBook Classics

my playmate, and whom I have always been persuaded, and shall

going to leave the room as usual; ‘I am sorry to observe that you

timid station on his threshold was not occupied more than a

of health, was overcome by it, and was taken so unwell, that Mr

until morning

character, among the gentlefolks, of being such a well-behaved

‘Will you come with me, young sir, if you please,’ he said,

readily; and it was all arranged that night, and my board and

proctors themselves, dabbled in common-form business, and got it


put on her bonnet Mr Micawber took the opportunity of Traddles

‘Almost the very words I said to her!’ exclaimed her mother

writing-table had lost all its colour, and was as withered and pale

contained a supply of that necessary, without which he must

David Copperfield

introduce Traddles to her, who was shy, but agreeable, and the

David Copperfield

hours, of walking up and down the garden with the Doctor; as he

David Copperfield


unhappiness I have occasioned, as submissively as I can It is she

‘Why, how should I ever spend it without you?’ said Mr

David Copperfield

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