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and the fact of her having a magazine of jewellers’ cotton in her

fatherly way, and saying he was a merciless drone to let her tempt

lived in such seclusion, and can know so little of the world, to give

now that Mr Micawber is out of his difficulties, and at liberty?

enough to consume her like a fire ‘In what is that man assisting

After all, if you bring her to the border, today she will not hurt

Charles Dickens ElecBook Classics

relations, begun as mere children But Agnes, now suddenly lifting

having vainly offered her those kisses, work-boxes, and trinkets—

rejoined, still holding me as before, and giving me a shake:

little longer than a Bank note—to which her epistolary efforts

(which cost me ten and sixpence); and plunged into a sea of

David Copperfield

wink,—by the by, I should hardly have thought, before, that he

‘Is he indeed?’ said Mr Dick

My aunt, being uncommonly neat and ingenious, made so many

I told him no, and explained how it was that I had read it, and

wilderness, and away at the sea, and away at the river, but no

was curling Jip’s ears, as he lay upon her lap, I became grave, and

indignantly, ‘but get me a coach, my dear, and wait for me in St

‘What! My flower!’ she pleasantly began, shaking her large head

objected against his surname, Littimer, by which he was known

David Copperfield

banknotes Peggotty then retired to her lodging, and Mr Spenlow

other changes and surprises dwindle into nothing

‘—Has nothing,’ pursued Traddles, ‘to do with that Only a

‘Why, bless my soul, he made that very remark!’ I replied

occupant besides myself As I had no occasion for her services, I

overhanging temples, and his hair cut close all round his head


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