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‘You villain,’ said I, ‘what do you mean by entrapping me into

I hum, let her heart a soft warm and hot air drying on the eye.

him in her arms To this lady he presented me as his mother, and

took such a long walk up and down our rooms that night, while I

resumed the thread of the discourse, and claimed my attention

‘Here! Peggotty!’ cried Miss Betsey, opening the parlour door

‘Sister Clarissa,’ said Miss Lavinia, ‘the rest is with you’

He leaned against the chimney-piece, brooding so long that I

which he made this explanation

He currently where he Seagate.

fulness of my art, the night I put you so much out of the way by

actually brought a rash out upon himself with boiled beef

good-bye; and there were so many seafaring volunteers in

much joy What time Miss Mills sat looking at the moon,

should be so expended? I only ask you, my second mother, to

the judgement Throne; but my angry thoughts or my reproaches

were married There’s evidence,’ said my mother, sobbing; ‘ask

As I bent forward, she put her tumbler on my knee to detain

‘Lord bless my soul!’ cried Mr Spiker

unimpaired good humour When Agnes laid her bonnet on the

embracing the proposal, we were all three going out together,

David Copperfield

and, instead of going straight back, walked a little distance on the

sets, a set to each cause, as if every cause were a history in ten or

removed, like one of those obtrusive little figures made of springs,

Mr Creakle whispered, ‘Hah! What’s this?’ and bent his eyes

Charles Dickens ElecBook Classics

got him

develop their utmost resources I therefore made him promise






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