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would proudly remark, when we conversed about it ‘Dick will

on his hand ‘I may have a conviction, Mr Copperfield, that Mr

‘Oh!’ said Miss Murdstone ‘Then here’s one day off’

‘and don’t be impudent! But I give you my word and honour I was

developing certain household plans to her brother, of which he

I said I was sure of that

‘Have you not seen him, sir?’

because he had some packing to do When he had done it,

might have seen me sitting at their doors, when night was coming

settlement with the Legacy Duty-office, and took her to the Bank,

change that had come over her Querulousness was out of the

will, where there was a neat little estate of thirty or forty thousand

It was perhaps a part of Mrs Heep’s humility, that she still wore

‘Far from it,’ assented Miss Murdstone ‘I do not wish to revive

girls,’ said Mr Peggotty, ‘upon my knee; and many a time you

Yes. He is slightly bent, gently whispering in her ear, warm breath warmed her ear, burn her slightly cold stiff body.

I ah, yeah, sounds like a thing so simple, but no blame is not him, he does not understand his heart pain.

with an elopement, her name’s Emily, and she lives in the east?

very much out in his calculations, and taken by surprise

knew I should be ashamed to eat anything, when an opportunity

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