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attractive and hopeful to a young scholar like me Repeating ‘no’,

perfectly imbecile and idiotic That I retired to bed in a most

me” ‘

when you first came in her way—smirking and making great eyes

remembered, save my mother, Peggotty, and I

was to go, or what he thought it was to do; he knew no more than

either of you’


and took up his book

‘Ah! I thought Miss Agnes would know of it!’ he quietly

‘Clara, my dear,’ he said, when I had done his bidding, and he

sitting there Rosa Dartle glided, as we went in, from another part

Charles Dickens ElecBook Classics

obliged to you’

I was too lazy to take your eyes back and pick up some of the threads that she had slipped into her cheeks.

which gives its name to the lane, stood in a less free situation at

comfort Traddles found in drawing skeletons; and for some time

‘I’m a going to seek her, fur and wide If any hurt should come

‘There shall be as little lingering as possible, in your case, Mr

‘When I was quite a young boy,’ said Uriah, ‘I got to know what

because it is an instance to myself of the manner in which I fitted

project whatever shall be entertained with regard to our niece,

Her services have been more valuable than was supposed; her


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