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afforded Peggotty as much pleasure as she was able to enjoy,

it—so is Dick I should like some people that I know to hear Dick’s

with the other

Mrs Gummidge had had a convenient apartment of her own to

admiring silence at the little soft hand travelling up the row of

gleefully holding out his hand towards it, ‘I know wery well that

‘I assure you, Mr Omer, she has said so to me,’ I returned

We had had some biscuit and dried fish for supper, and Steerforth

dwarfed to my sight by stooping down or kneeling on the floor,

she were sedulously keeping it warm, instead of it keeping her

poets sing, ‘a boy again’

The snow is cotton spinning. Yangtian, the gray sky seemed to devour the entire earth.

‘Rather a good marriage this, I believe?’ said Mr Spenlow

regret, with some blameless thoughts of what might have been,

‘I shall be delighted,’ said Mr Dick, ‘to be the guardian of

David Copperfield

account of herself, and that we had both been hapless instruments

first fell in love with Sophy Very much!’

It is a little document to do so much; and Traddles

malicious I heard that Mr Creakle had a son, who had not been

When I awoke in the morning I thought very much of little

whom I owe more obligations already than I ever can

chaise, and he must make haste and get himself ready Then he

cheerful at having nearly finished her work and being in good

are, as you may suppose, very far from being mere compliments in

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