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When I joined Mr Peggotty, he was walking slowly and

‘She is uneducated and ignorant’

me was on account of Mr Henry Spiker being solicitor to

I declared that nobody else should touch it; and this gave

Charles Dickens ElecBook Classics

tell, you would feel compassion for me!’

‘Copperfield,’ he said, removing his hand from his cheek, ‘you

head at him with infinite expression, ‘what kind of life you must

‘Is Mr Wickfield at home, Uriah Heep?’ said my aunt


I told him that my old nurse would be delighted to assist him,

particularly proud of her turn for business; and she showed it now

that quiet influence which was inseparable in my mind from

You can rest assured that I promised mother, absolutely keep you.

his hand out, the darkness that had fallen on him changed to light,

‘And what is the opinion of Brooks of Sheffield, in reference to

Silence ensued, and I was considering how I could best

and the guitar-case, in the phaeton; and, of course, the phaeton

David Copperfield

pickles; ‘it is of more importance than anything else—it is of

D, who drank it with enthusiasm, crying from within, in a shrill

Miss Mowcher ‘None of your close shavers the Prince ain’t You’d

passed the person who had come in, and saw him plainly I turned

The master did not speak, no one would dare to speak, let the darkening sky, nobody want to light the candle, until



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