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As I went out of the office, hand in hand with this new

She was brought into the parlour with many tokens of welcome,

outrage of her life, demanding to be constantly avenged, was the

don’t know what at all Mr Wickfield knows it I am the umble

beautiful little home it was Of all the moveables in it, I must have

that Parental Institution, the Stamp Office, which is so

real, and that I should wake in Buckingham Street presently, and

he looked a little like one’

flute, and blew at it, until I almost thought he would gradually

pride and a pleasure I have no other claim upon my means; at

good fellow I instantly proposed his health

then (but not else), that when I hear the wind blowing

Micawber with more shirt-collar than usual, and a new ribbon to

this in Peggotty, too, when she came down; and I have seen it

them what the sun was to two stars


way upstairs How do you like the law, Mr Micawber?’

society We can find it for ourselves, I hope’

drew, the more familiar the objects became that we passed, the

aunt had the family failing of indulging in soliloquy, and held forth

Some more company coming in, among whom were the two

after this baleful object presented itself to my view I was very

thought, however, haunted me at intervals, even until the

‘I am quite certain of it,’ said I

that this was quite the same to Mr Micawber as paying the money,

little good I have done, and all the harm I have forborne, I

with their ugly forms, made me so uncomfortable, that I would

‘No, my dear Master Copperfield,’ said she, ‘far be it from my

hear, Annie,”—no, to be sure, knowing that he never was really





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