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2019年10月17日 Source:jskpmn797

before-mentioned, but because I had (and have all my life)

suffering and want of hope, that I have never had the courage

night, at intervals, to shield my Dora—I don’t exactly know what

stairs; and, looking as blank and strange upon the room as the

‘You are a nice fellow to talk of flying off, Steerforth, who are

‘There was an answer expected, was there, Mr Barkis?’ said I,

person of Mr Micawber’s peculiar temperament is, I am

Again he made up his mouth to whistle, and again he didn’t

drawing-room or dining-parlour Though I could almost have

anybody else, or cease to love her; I don’t know what I should do—

explanation, of pity for my childish ignorance, of welcome home,

you wish to be done, can’t be done I—I really have got an

gently back, I cried: ‘Oh no! oh no!’ and held her hand

mustn’t do it!’

leisure The brother and sister would return as they had come,

David Copperfield

pleasure of a journey with you, Daisy), to see that sort of people

pretty late, we took our candles and went upstairs, where we

‘Dear me!’ said Traddles, considering about it, ‘do I strike you

and I wouldn’t I had loved her every minute, day and night, since

advertise in all the papers; to describe himself plainly as so-and-so,

I suppose we had some notion that this was to end in marriage

Micawber will be safe to adorn Under the temporary pressure of




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