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the same dull old door

to attend to my story, which she elicited from me, gradually, by a

I was wonderfully relieved to find that my aunt and Dora’s

I was curious to find out next morning, whether she had been

that was in the basket rattle against something else (as it was sure

brokery line) walking about for some days with a black eye Any

I was never unmindful of Agnes, and she never left that

‘No, none,’ she answered

I knew that, knowing the fellow And yet I did not despise him

rest of it ‘Oh, Trotwood!’ she remonstrated, with a smile ‘Just

Steerforth was of course out of the question In the morning, too,

am bound to respect Mr Jorkins’s opinions Mr Jorkins thinks a

‘Martha wants,’ she said to Ham, ‘to go to London’


‘Someone, Trotwood,’ said Agnes, laughing, and holding up her

it come to an end there’

met; and my great astonishment is that I didn’t go over the head of

interest when he isn’t in liquor! What an agreeable man he is, after

been dozing and grumbling away at the play’

her sympathy, which was not the least astonishing part of the

Charles Dickens ElecBook Classics

my mother nor Miss Betsey could forbear glancing that way As

report made (not too willingly) eighteen years ago, when all these

scorn and anger on his opponent, and remaining silent I could not

everywhere—on everything—I felt the same serener air, the same

Charles Dickens ElecBook Classics

doubt he knew that (to his credit be it written), quite as well as I






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