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Charles Dickens ElecBook Classics

more correct’

opposite end of the boat, and to him and Ham hanging up two

the Murdstone religion, which was austere and wrathful I have


mean what you say And I am sure no one doubts your being at

the previous night, and the conclusion I derived from it was, that I

when I said, ‘It is, sir!’

service here, in Blunderstone; but there’s no such a thing, my

custody directly, for her partner; and instructed him, as the first

weather, carrying that parlour, and Mr and Miss Murdstone in it,

been impressed by a certain old bureau of some dark wood in the

I knew all now

give Mr Copperfield seventy-two, sir, if it would be preferred

out of their way as I could; and many a wintry hour did I hear the

Brother, you will not be easy to resign. "Qing rare sighs.

in my case You see, Sophy being of so much use in the family,

Mr and Miss Murdstone were such pictures, and would vanish

for a man of his talent in the Medway Coal Trade Then, as Mr

the deed, and felt that they were very attentive Presently they

Clarissa never moved her arms She sometimes played tunes upon

I saw the mild eye of the good old Doctor turned upon me for a

Charles Dickens ElecBook Classics

putting on his great-coat, to slip a letter into my hand, with a


David Copperfield

from her When her coming up to look for me, an hour or so

shoulder, and sat down again to her work I could not look at her, I

surprised to find him a meeker man than I had thought, and less

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