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with some of his baby-hair in it; she showed me his picture as he

little too heavy for him His hair was very smooth and wavy; but I

his hand

and Ham, ducking at me with their hats, and squeezing one

‘And what the devil do you mean,’ retorted Steerforth, ‘by

‘What do you say, Daisy?’ inquired Steerforth, laughing, and

unfortunately flew to his stomach—and so he died, and so she

streets to the inn, that, as well as he could make out, it was a good,

done otherwise than fight the butcher, while she shrinks and

‘Better there than here,’ said a third voice aloud—Martha’s,

the confidence of old times, Master Copperfield, that it’s almost

Peggotty if I didn’t do very well when I wasn’t interfered with!’

fan, and then tapping his hand with it After which she gently chid

this establishment, and your employer’

‘Should you?’ said Miss Dartle ‘Dear me! Conscientious, is he?

delivery of this oration, my aunt eyed him narrowly

Ham had told me, for all the treasures wrecked in the sea

tearing out his hair, beating his head, trying to force me from him,

(the salary excepted) until Peggotty should cease to present

gardening pocket like a toll-man’s apron, and carrying a great

Walker and Mealy Potatoes, that I felt as strange as ever I have

‘I do, Trotwood,’ she returned ‘Then, Agnes, you wrong him

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