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‘We are young and inexperienced, aunt, I know,’ I replied; ‘and

forgive me—I thought you had’

for which he was more than thankful Having lent him a night-cap,

expression of my friend Heep; but it may prove the stepping-stone

and little Em’ly, that day; and passed the night at Peggotty’s, in a

hand Mr Wickfield held it for a little while in his, with his head

the great urns, and commanding a peep of an old secluded garden

‘And what is it?’ said Agnes, cheerfully

in that, you’ll say No, because he takes care on her, like a brother,

David Copperfield

favour of a nice little loaf of brown bread, which cost me

am inclined to believe, from my uncertainty on this head, that it

‘Wasn’t it right, Mr Barkis?’ I asked, after a little hesitation

a child’s instinctive dislike, and a general idea that Peggotty and I

not meditate enough upon the lesson that I read in Mrs

laughing, on the character of Mr Micawber and the old relations

struck speechless and motionless

arms so hard and red that I wondered the birds didn’t peck her in

safe to me, and I soon laughed at my fears, and at the cry I had

‘My other piece of advice, Copperfield,’ said Mr Micawber, ‘you

bustle at all, when a knock came at the door

back, about a quarter of a mile off Likewise by a most beautiful

no doubt, sir’

Our plans being thus arranged to our mutual satisfaction, the

Copperfield), and how I smooth the way for him, and keep him



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