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expected you here directly minute I shall keep it every day, as I

I do not know why, he is convinced that no blame can only hurt him. Two people over the past twenty years, many things do not words, knew each other and not disturbing, but in his heart, he is no blame when brother treat, although this for nearly twenty years, no blame at the foot. Figure, and have not changed, still as the year saw him handsome, no age, he did not feel fear.

trying hour But, beyond this, gentlemen, the dear lady’s name

this, that I asked the carrier to be so good as to reach me my

and shaking his head at me, ‘you’re quite a dangerous rival,

time, but, except that I was conscious of being cold and dejected, I

but if I was to go in, Peggotty, he would be something besides’

the kitchen fire a little while, to think about all this

relinquished), and also of the good Doctor Agnes was very glad to

upon a road on which a wall abutted

table, as the emblem of that high jurisdiction; and how I felt when

thirteen, very subject to that restlessness of limb which is not an

like; and though there was abundance of assistance rendered,

covering her face with it, and weeping aloud, went slowly to the

that worthy had not anticipated him


may skirmish with Miss Dartle, or try to hide your sympathies in

and going on to her, and coming back to me again, and dropping

‘Won’t be smoothed down?’ said I

come of the Memorial, if it were completed; where he thought it

has a great liking for Traddles, and it is capital to see them meet,

almost every night, for a long time, we had a sort of Private

library (I mean Doctor Strong was), with his clothes not

David Copperfield

present, I was thrown upon my own resources ‘I am extremely

While we were at table, I thought it a favourable occasion to tell

(sometimes greatly affected) to his employer’s office Many

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