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instant afterwards, and in the same instant I caught the hand with

such a pernicious absurdity, that but for its being squeezed away

father, and began to wonder whether I was mistaken about his

veneration The work she did that day! There were many things to

‘Oh yes, of course I am!’ cried Dora, ‘but I am so frightened!’

Mr Spenlow told me this day week was Dora’s birthday, and he

out upon me from a doorway, and whispering the word ‘Marriagelicence’ in my ear, was with great difficulty prevented from taking

David Copperfield

Peggotty, with his face one high noon of enjoyment, ‘but he loses

There was no immediate answer, but presently I heard my

expected that we should be quite gay on this happy and long-

Wickfield’s of dependence, was a sight more painful to me than I

‘I want to know his name!’ I heard said once more

conveniences, for the accommodation of the new partner—and

think the latter separated us from motives of policy Howbeit,

sufficient reasons I resolve to fight the butcher

anything calculated to overturn the Doctor’s plans’

Fortunately, drink the medicine. Yu Huan warm sound coax.

you like Tell me where to come to; and in two hours I’ll produce

renew her acquaintance with one who has proved himself in all

was afraid to speak to me or to be kind to me, lest she should give

divided between pleasure and regret—pleasure in the

Markham They were both very gay and lively fellows; Grainger,


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