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Gummidge’s, for they were again at their usual flow, and he was

your happiness If you can ever give me help, rely upon it I will ask

events, Mrs Micawber’s, she being very sensitive; but I was

pickle-jar, ‘and idleness is the root of all evil But, to be sure, he

David Copperfield

the joyful occasion, and inviting her to be a bridesmaid in

‘Is she the eldest?’ I inquired

speak of him that morning

‘I suppose she wouldn’t be inclined to forgive him now,’ hinted

‘Oh no, Master Copperfield,’ returned Uriah, shaking his head,


‘I’m told the dumplings is uncommon fine down there,’ said

Micawber, rising ‘I have no scruple in saying, in the presence of

and preferred cork jackets, I don’t know; all I know is, that there

what-all we’ve heerd I’ve been fur, and we’ve heerd little; but I’ll

judgement came upon them for their hardness of heart

thought Mr Peggotty’s head was bowed in one night more than in

Charles Dickens ElecBook Classics

As the Doctor turned his kind face, with its smile of simplicity

slowly, ma’am’

him, with a better appearance of composure than I could have

David Copperfield

within a few yards of him, without his knowing anything of the

‘Our niece’s position, or supposed position, is much changed by

carriage J looking out of window, and barking violently at

that we were attended by a modest little parlour-maid, with blue

rear, and there it is still’ I laughed, and replied that I saw no

David Copperfield

it,—as papa used to say’

of at breakfast?’


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