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2019年10月17日 Source:wwxkhq245

either; for it goes on (as well as I can make out) pretty much the

Agnes was in the drawing-room, waiting for her father, who was

the party, but I am sure we were all sincere about it I was quite

never could have thowt the old boat would have been so strange!’

Of course my aunt was immediately made acquainted with the

pipes—a mile long, if they could be straightened out

David Copperfield

and run for good, if it was ever mentioned again It appeared, in

as compassionately, I thought, as if Jip had laid hold of me I

hearing it was to be sent to where he lived, that night ‘If I might

‘Nothing’s the matter, bless you, Master Davy dear!’ she

somebody else’s stool, and had not hung up his hat

‘No,’ said Steerforth, before I could reply ‘Nothing of the sort

in that, you’ll say No, because he takes care on her, like a brother,

and I stood still and looked at him, and he walked away; but that

Really—really—as Mr Chillip told my mother, he was almost

upside-down, he would have made that respectable He


found a tremendous blank, in the place of that smiling repository

but I was soon bitterly reproved for this harshness, by seeing his

girl in the world to her acquaintance

‘I know what you mean, you cross thing,’ said my mother ‘I

gathering her scarf about her shoulders, preparatory to her

Davy, on the brightest night of your uncle’s life as ever was or will

(I was afraid to move lest it should be displeasing to my aunt), but

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