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spoken of their going away without warrant They took a lodging

gauntly down upon us from behind

advancing with it wonderfully; and that nothing could suit him

have hoped that Steerforth was there, I would have lurked about

shook him, rumpled his hair, made light of his linen, stopped his

nankeen bosom, and become so ill, that I was glad, at any sacrifice

appeal to me to deal tenderly by him, even in my inmost thoughts,

mentioned newspapers to me, as one of his hopes, I had put the

to come, I shall have a wary eye on all admirers; and shall exact a

my pupilage He had his old companions about him, too; for there

David Copperfield

With that he took his trembling hands, which were like the

down to the seaweed in the blue mug in my bedroom I went into

intent upon a match at marbles or pegtop, looking on with a face

Uriah, with fawning and offensive pity

would have laboured hard for Mr Peggotty, and been well paid in

laundressed other young gentlemen besides yourself A young

‘Dead!’ I thought it was the office reeling, and not I, as one of

they were in the evil hour when I went among them for the first

Traddles, and sucking his thumb

store-room opens out of it, and that is a place to be run past at

communicating, I will venture to assert: shooting in each broken

Merely looking at me with extravagant slyness, and not waiting

even a quicker pace than before

it be His merciful pleasure!—when my death shall release her

alive out of the trial that was before her, when, lifting her eyes as

quite a new sensation to mix with them’

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